Patrol Security

Around-the-Clock Patrols Protect You in Many Ways

  • Promotes a secure environment
  • Deters vandalism, theft and trespassers
  • Rapid response to emergency situations
  • Detect emergencies and fires
  • Quick notification to local law enforcement and fire and emergency services
  • Alert you to unsafe conditions, such as water leaks or power outages

Some of the ways our patrol services may be able to help you include:

Vehicle Patrol

  • Making visible rounds in a distinctive, marked car
  • Touring property as well as parking decks and lots
  • Driving through the property in random patterns
  • Vacation watch and community watch programs 

    Foot Patrol

  • Making a specified number of visits each day
  • Checking the entire property, including grounds
  • Checking windows, doors, locks, vehicles, loading docks, illegally parked vehicles and other locations as specified
  • Ensuring office spaces are secure, file cabinets are locked and appliances are turned off
  • Checking fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, lights and ceiling fans
  • Checking pipes for breaks and water leaks